Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Jessica Jamroz – Modern Operations LLC


Jessica Jamroz is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary design and construction professional focused on bridging the relationships of architecture with master planning, placemaking, experimental technologies, environmental science, construction, and culture.  

Ms. Jamroz has been working professionally in the fields of Architecture and Planning since 1998 with projects in the Americas, Europe, India, China, Singapore, and West Africa. She has imagined and executed the vision behind several technically, politically, and culturally challenging public projects—work that influences generations of lives. Directing nearly a Billion dollars of design and construction in the past decade alone—she negotiates a complex interplay of participants to build bold, meaningful, quality work and structures the deals and productive relations behind them. Her solutions are elegant, sustainable, and bankable. Her work has been recognized by more than 25 Awards of Excellence in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Construction, the Arts, and Religion. 

Ms. Jamroz’s work includes the design and construction of two September 11th Memorials: Empty Sky New Jersey's 9/11 Memorial and Westchester County 9/11 Memorial; she directed an office in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where she effectively managed a maze of consultants and thousands of residents in two districts of the Unified New Orleans Plan―a recovery plan responsible for 9,200 acres and 43% post-Katrina population; she spearheaded the restoration of the Ramirez Solar House, the earliest U.S. solar house in extent, as a non-profit partner to the DOI National Park Service; led a 47-person THINK team in an innovative vision + action plan for Jamshedpur, India transforming it from the overgrown, polluted industry-core city into a 2-million person sustainable and resilient 'Town within a Park, within a City' for the TATA group; and managed the $155M museum expansion for the Albright-Knox Art Museum—the sixth oldest museum in the U.S.—as the Owners’ Representative, among other notable work.