Jessica Jamroz Design


Jessica Jamroz is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary design practitioner focused on bridging the relationships of architecture with master planning, placemaking, experimental technologies, landscape, and culture. The nexus behind numerous high-profile public and controversial projects, she has directed over half a Billion dollars of design and construction during the past ten years, synchronizing productive development of project teams and constituents alike.  

Ms. Jamroz has been working professionally in the fields of Architecture and Planning since 1998. In 2004, she joined Frederic Schwartz Architects after winning the international competition for the State of New Jersey’s September 11th Memorial, a design she co-authored with Frederic Schwartz. For the following decade, Ms. Jamroz imagined and drove the vision behind most of Frederic Schwartz Architects’ high-profile, politically challenging public (and private) projects, often involving numerous groups: government agencies, consultants, owner representatives, community organizaions and the general public—work that influences generations of lives. Her work has been recognized by more than 25 American and International Awards of Excellence in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Construction, the Arts, and Religion.  

In July of 2014, after the passing of Frederic Schwartz, Ms. Jamroz founded her own architecture and planning firm. And in 2016, Ms. Jamroz founded Modern Operations LLC—an Owner Representation firm offering C-level consulting for large scale, high-profile, iconic cultural institutions and public spaces including design and construction, museum operations, strategic planning, and management with a commitment to functional, cost-effective design excellence. 

Ms. Jamroz’s work includes the design and construction of Empty Sky: New Jersey’s September 11th Memorial, Liberty State Park located directly across the Hudson River from Ground Zero; she was the director of the New Orleans office set up immediately after Hurricane Katrina, where she managed and coordinated dozens of consultants and thousands of residents in the work of the Unified New Orleans Plan—a recovery and rebuilding plan for 9,200 acres and 43% of the post-Katrina population; the design and construction of The Rising: Westchester County September 11th Memorial in White Plains, NY; she directed a 47-person THINK team in the conceptual Master Planning for a two million person sustainable City of Steel in Jamshedpur, India, for the Tata Steel family; and most recently acted as the Owners' Representative for a $155 Million dollar museum expansion project for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery—the sixth oldest public art institution in the United States.  

From 2011-2017 Ms. Jamroz, a board member, spearheaded the administration and restoration work behind the Ramirez Solar House 501(c)(3), a nonprofit organization working to restore and educate the public on the house—one of the earliest US solar houses in extant. The house, nestled within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, is owned by the National Park Service and is a Center of Sustainability discussing pioneering ideas of solar technology in residential design.